Health and Safety Advise


Allergy advice

Driftwood Lakeside Lodge strive to give you the best possible experience and provides you with bathroom products for your use whilst you stay at the lodge.

We would recommend anyone who has allergies to provide their own bath
products instead if needed.

Bathroom products

    Carex hand wash, Dove shower cream, Dove hair shampoo, Dove hair Conditioner

Kitchen products

    Fairy washing up liquid, Finish powerball dishwasher tablets, Ariel none bio clothes washing tablets

Please may we ask that the washing tablets and any other products supplied
within the lodge stay at the lodge, these are not for home use.


Fire Precautions



Lodge exits and means of escape

Please make sure you know the location and operation of the emergency exits.


Fire Fighting

You will find one dry powder fire extinguisher complying with EN 3-7, of at least 1kg capacity, and a fire blanket within the boiler unit, which is located in the  utility room.


Familiarise yourself with the instructions on your fire extinguisher and the local fire precaution arrangements.

If tackling a fire, do not take risks at any time.


In Case of Fire

1.  Please make sure that everyone out

2.  DO NOT attempt to tackle the fire unless it is safe to do so.

3.  Please raise the fire alarm and call the Fire Brigade either by mobile or at the reception telephone if within office hours.

he address to be given to the emergency services is:

Delamere Lake Holiday Park, Chester Road, Oakmere, Northwich, CW8 2JL.

4.  The isolation of electricity and gas should only be carried out if safe to do so.


5.  If safe to do so, turn off outside gas valve and / or liquid fuel valve (if fitted) The gas isolation point is located:

Brown box outside on the back of the lodge.


6.  Only if safe to do so, please disconnect the mains electricity supply The electrical isolation point is located:

In the double wardrobe in the master bedroom.

7.  Please go to your nearest meeting point which is located outside reception.


8.  The nearest fire point containing fire hose or extinguisher is in red boxes outside the lodges.

Limit of park owner’s liability

The Park Owner shall not be liable for any injury, death, sickness or delay of or to any person entering the Park whether the Lodge Owner or occupier of a Lodge or otherwise or for any loss, damage or detention of or to the property of any such person of whatsoever nature and howsoever, when so ever and where so ever such injury, death, sickness, delay, loss, damage or detention may be caused, save to the extent that it is caused by negligence on the part of the Park Owner or its employees. The Park Owner shall not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience of any nature whatsoever and to whom so ever the same may be caused arising out of the fact that any part of the Park or any  of the facilities on the Park may not be available as a result of circumstances beyond control of the Park Owner.


Holiday Home Safety Gas Safety Information


a)  We would like to bring to your attention the Stay Safe leaflet, issued by the National Lodge Council (NCC) and the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH & HPA), which covers many aspects of gas safety advice for owners of Lodge holiday homes & residential park homes. It can be found by visiting either the National Lodge Council or BH & HPA websites at

Regular Safety Checks


b)  The Stay Safe leaflet informs you of the need to get the gas appliances in your holiday or park home checked and serviced annually by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. We would also like to inform you of the recommendations to have your holiday or park home electrically inspected every 3 years by a  suitably qualified electrician. 




c)  Of course, you are free to organise these services for yourself and pay a Park Owner approved contractor directly. It is important that you are aware, for Health Safety reasons, any contractor undertaking work on our Park will need to comply with our Contractor Competency requirements and must complete and  sign our Contractor Declaration, provide a copy of their Public


Liability insurance and further documentation as applicable to the works being carried out. On arrival please ask them to report to Reception to sign in. If you are unsure if the contractor is registered with us, please check with Reception, we will be happy to mail the necessary paperwork directly to your chosen contractor. Please advise us in advance if you want your holiday home keys released to a third party. If a contractor turns up on park and we are unable to contact you, we will not release keys. This may result in additional charges if the contractor has to  return another day.