Holiday Park Rules
For all Visitors & Guests at Delamere Lake, Sailing and Holiday Park  Lodges.

1.  All lodges must be kept in a mobile condition at all times but may not be moved without the written approval of the Park    Owner and must be securely anchored at each corner. All homes and designated pitch areas must be kept and maintained in a clean and serviceable condition in line with current site licence conditions, legislation or as the park owner may specify. 


2.  The lodges and all fixtures and fittings must be kept in good repair and condition. The exterior colour of Lodges / lodges may not be altered; TV aerials and satellite dishes may not be erected without the prior written approval of the park owner. 


3.  Lodges fitted with a Ramtech alarm system will attract an annual warranty and call out fee payable with pitch fees.


4.  All lodges must be kept adequately equipped with serviceable fire fighting equipment. The pitch must be kept in a tidy

and satisfactory condition at all times, this includes, but is not limited to, driveways, decking, patios, grassed areas, fencing

and hot tubs.
5.  Electrical wiring, mains switches and cut outs serving a lodge must not be tampered with or altered in any way. The permitted load of any circuit breaker fitted to the electricity supply by the Park Owner must not be exceeded. Lodges must be prepared for winter and any closed period(s) in line with the manufacturers’ recommendations which may require electric, water and gas connections to be switched off.


6.  Lodge owners are responsible for complying with all statutory regulations, requirements of competent authorities and recommendations of the National Caravan Council Limited relating to the ventilation of Lodges. In particular Lodge owners must ensure that all fixed ventilation openings, ventilation screens and grilles are kept clean and unobstructed at all times and that all gas appliances used in the lodges (including their installations and flues) are checked regularly (and not less frequently than once each season) by a Gas Safe registered fitter.


7.  No hot tub or similar facility may be installed without the written consent of the Park Owner. Hot tubs and similar facilities must be operated in accordance with hot tub rules which will be issued when consent is granted. Hot tubs may only be used between 08:30 hours and 22:30 hours to avoid causing disturbance to other owners and guests on park.


8.  No signage or marketing materials are to be displayed on or in Lodges, in or around the pitch area, vehicles or personal water craft such as ‘For Sale’ or ‘To Let’ signs.



9.  No profession, business, trade or agency of any nature may be carried out on the Park. The Park is for holiday use only and only mail of celebratory cards or medical appointments will be accepted at Park.


10.  Lodge owners are to notify the Park when guests are staying in their property outside of subletting agreements. Paying guests are not permitted unless a formal subletting agreement has been issued by the Park Owner.

11.  Lodge Owners and their guests (including children) are required to comply with the following standards of behaviour (a) to act in a courteous and considerate manner towards the Park Owner’s employees and other customers of the Park Owner (b) to supervise children properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others (c) not to commit any criminal
offence at the Park or use the Lodge for the furtherance of criminal activity (d) not to commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance or use any unlawful drugs. 


12.  Holes must not be dug anywhere on the Park nor may turf be cut into in any way. Trees, shrubs and plants must not be cut or interfered with.  Written permission must be obtained from the Park Owner with regard to the erection of any item on the pitch, including but not limited to, non-combustible sheds, bunkers or gazebos, any landscaping, decking, patios, wash lines, alterations to your lodge, pitch and / or the surrounding area or parking.


13.  No open fires are permitted on the Park or on any beach adjoining the Park including barbecues.


14.  No fireworks, Chinese lanterns, pyrotechnics, firearms or explosives may be used on the Park or on adjoining land or beaches.


15.  All local by-laws relating to the Park, the beach adjoining the Park and the water areas must be strictly observed. 


16.  The flying of kites is not permitted on the Park, but may be permissible on adjoining public land. Please check local by-laws.


17.  Fire hoses are for emergency use only and may not be used for any improper purpose such as washing cars or personal

water craft.


18.  Riding of horses on the Park is only permitted with the written consent of the Park Owner.

19.  No musical instruments, radios, compact disc systems, MP3 docks, TVs or other sound reproduction or amplifying equipment may be played or used so as to be audible outside the Lodge between 22.30 hours and 08:30 hours.


20.  No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in any of the public areas of the Park. The supply and/or purchase of alcohol for minors is illegal.

21. No lodges may be occupied by persons under the age of 18 years unless at least one person over the age of 21 years is in occupation with the consent of the Lodge owner.


22.  Where applicable, access to a Park with a secure entry system can be gained via the relevant access card, fob, key or code.


23.  As per government legislation it is illegal to smoke inside enclosed public buildings. We ask care and consideration of others is taken when smoking outdoors.

Vehicles, personal water craft etc.

24.  All vehicles including those used for the purpose of launching and recovery of personal water craft on the beach adjoining the Park must be in a serviceable condition, adequately insured and comply with all relevant legislation in force from time to time. Evidence of insurance and MOT, where applicable, must be submitted annually. Drivers must hold a valid driving licence applicable to the class of vehicle being driven.  Drivers of tractors and towing vehicles must hold a valid driver’s licence for that type of vehicle.

25.  The provisions of The Highway Code apply to roads on the Park and must be adhered to at all times. The speed limit of 10 miles per hour to apply to the Park and where applicable, the adjoining beach, must be observed. Please give way to pedestrians.

26. Each Lodge owner is permitted to park one vehicle (which includes towing vehicles and tractors) on the Park in such position near their pitch as the Park Owner may specify. Additional parking facilities may be provided at the discretion of the Park Owner. Where such facilities are provided additional vehicles must only be parked within these areas. No commercial vehicles are permitted on the Park without prior written consent from the Park Owner. Parking of vehicles and trailers on the beach adjoining the Park is prohibited at all times without prior written consent from the Park Owner. Parking of vehicles must in no way hinder maintenance of the Park or access by emergency services. 
27.  The use of motorised devices including, but not limited to, powered scooters, carts, buggies, mopeds, yachts, flying machines and segways are not permitted on the Park with the exception of disability equipment. Other vehicles are not allowed on any beach or adjoining land unless authorised by the Park Owner or Local Authority; local conditions may apply. Bicycles must be ridden in a safe and considerate manner.


28.  Where applicable and permitted, personal water craft must be registered with the Park Owner and display the appropriate registration permits issued by both.  All personal water craft, accessories, related vehicles and equipment used in connection with personal water craft, including items towed by personal water craft, must be maintained in a safe and serviceable condition, adequately taxed and insured against third party risks; proof of insurance must be submitted to the park office annually. Parks with personal water craft clubs and the like must ensure member or associate member equipment is correctly stored when  not in use and in the specified area. The use and storage of personal water craft is restricted to the Park season, designated areas and conditions as set  out by local by-laws, legislation, Site Licence conditions or as the Park Owner may specify.


29.  Animals are not permitted within the Driftwood Lakeside Lodge.