Important spa pool information and tips

Please do not operate the spa pool roof if anyone is inside the spa pool.

Always face the spa pool when turning the key and operating the spa pool cover to avoid entrapment or major injury.


Please close the cover after every use using the key provided to maintain the correct heat and the safety of others.


Do not sit, stand or lay on the spa pool cover.


Please do not leave children in the spa pool alone at any time.


Maximum of four people in the spa pool at one time.
    Please note: Only the persons registered to stay at the lodge are allowed in the spa pool.


No diving in the spa pool.


Pregnant woman or elderly people should consult a doctor before use.


Anyone with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or any other serious illness should consult a doctor before entering

the spa pool.

Do not use soaps, oils or perfumes in spa pool.


Please remove any fake tan and make up before entering the spa pool.


Please tie long hair up.


Please shower and wash with soap immediately after getting out of the spa pool.


Avoid shaving or removing hair immediately before using a spa pool. Waxing should be done at least a day

or so in  advance if possible.


Please remove all jewellery before entering spa pool.


No food, drink or any type of alcohol is allowed inside the spa pool at any time.


No electrical equipment in or near the spa pool.

Not to be used after 10:30pm or before 8:30am due to noise restrictions at the park.